Monday, August 11, 2014

Select the Best Boat Dealer


Here are a couple tips to follow to help you choose the best boat dealer:

Are you greeted by the staff? The first five minutes of entering a store are the most telling. If someone does not come out to greet you and offer assistance, service will probably not improve in the future.

Did you do your research? You can find out a lot of information by taking a few minutes to investigate a business’s reputation online. Check out reviews from other customers.

Is the property clean and kept up? If the dealership does not take pride in, and care for their own property, do not be surprised if they treat your property the same way.

Are your phone calls and emails returned? No one likes to wait around for a return call. It may not be right away, but your business should be important enough to the dealer for you to count on reliable communication.

Do they hold any Dealership Industry Certifications? Intended to improve the sales and service experience of customer, the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) offers the Marine Five Star Dealer Certification program. Dealers spend a lot of time and money to invest in this program and NMMA’s research shows that they provide a superior level of service than those who do not hold a certification.

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