Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Beautiful Autumn Colors on Lake Wallenpaupack

The beautiful colors of autumn are alive on Lake Wallenpaupack in the Poconos! However, why do the leaves change colors?

The end of summer also brings the end of long days. The closer we get to winter, the shorter the days get, which is how the trees recognize that winter is on its way. In order to prepare for winter, leaves change color and fall off. Here is why:

Trees need light and water for photosynthesis, however, the winter does not provide enough of either so the trees live off the food they have made and stored during the summer months. The yellow and orange colors are already in the leaves but are concealed by green chlorophyll. In autumn, the chlorophyll in the leaves disappears, allowing the beautiful autumn colors to come out. After photosynthesis stops, glucose is within the leaves of some trees (such as maple) and brought out as a red color as the nights of autumn get cooler. Trees like oaks, show brown colors which are wastes that are left in the leaves.

All of the colors mixed makes for a beautiful scene. Get out on the lake and enjoy the autumn scenery before it's gone!


Thursday, September 25, 2014

Tips for Docking Your Bennington Pontoon

After a fun day out on Lake Wallenpaupack, the sad part always comes: bringing everyone in. And to do this, you must dock your pontoon. Because of its shape and size, pontoons catch wind more easily and can therefore be more difficult to dock than most mono-hull boats. So here are a few tips we've picked up over the years on how to successfully dock your Bennington.

Minimize damage with fenders. Especially if you're still getting the feel for docking your pontoon, there's no harm in tying on 2 or 3 fenders to, well, fend off the dock. We'd rather have fenders hanging out than scratches from the dock, wouldn't you?

Come in at an angle. Even just knowing this is preferred will make your docking life easier. More often than not, it will be impossible to line up straight to the dock. So don't put that pressure on yourself! Once you get closer, straighten up and aim for a particular spot on the dock.

Slow and steady wins the race. Don't race into the dock. That's a recipe for disaster. Go as slow as possible, preferably spending most of your time in neutral and bumping it into gear for seconds every so often. The best way to turn is with power, but the best way to execute a sharp turn is with the lowest amount of power possible to minimize skidding.

Use reverse. Don't be afraid to knock the engine into reverse! That's actually the best way to slide up next to the dock. Once your front end is close, turn the wheel all of the way and slide into reverse for a moment (give it a little oomph) so that the rear will slide into place.

Practice makes perfect. Every boat handles differently, so it will take awhile to learn exactly how to handle your boat in order to dock it gracefully. (Remember how long it took to learn how to back the trailer down the ramp?) Just remember: don't use excessive speed. That can cause a little mistake to turn into a big problem.

Monday, September 22, 2014

New Commercial for Halloween! - LHMBoats.com

Click the picture below to check out our new commercial for Halloween!


And visit Lighthouse Harbor Marina on Lake Wallenpaupack, Pa to get your new boat! LHMBoats.com (570) 857-0220

Friday, September 19, 2014

Lighthouse Harbor Marina's NEW Website to Launch November 1st!

Our BRAND NEW website will launch on November 1st, 2014!


With an updated, modern design, our new website is faster to access and easier to navigate. We have added brand information and videos for Bennington Pontoon Boats, Monterey Sport Boats, and Tigé Wakeboard Boats in order to help you find the right boat for you. With a larger Live Marina Cam, virtual tours of our showroom and Ships' Store, along with direct links to our social medias, you can get to know us better.

In addition, we now have a mobile site as well! Our new website has a link to the mobile website for quick information on the go. You can also explore our marina from an aerial view, get a list of our boats from convenient menus, and quickly contact us with questions.

We also updated our links to our other websites. It is now easier for you to get to PoconoActionSports.com (our rentals page), YamahaOutboardsOnline.com (our online service page) and OnlineWakeboards.com (our store page) from our main website.

Please take a look at our new website at LHMBoats.com and tell us what you think! When our new website launches, it will be available at LighthouseHarbor.com

Friday, September 12, 2014

Winter Indoor/Outdoor Storage - 2015 Summer Slip

Fall is just around the corner so it is time to start thinking about how you are going to store your boat for the winter. Proper winter storage is important so your boat is ready to go in the spring.

Lighthouse Harbor Marina has many different storage options. We offer indoor or outdoor storage which includes winterization, along with shrink-wrapping and maintenance options if you would like to store your boat at home.

Visit our website at LHMBoats.com for full price sheets and information on storage options, or call us today at (570) 857-0220 for more information.



Thursday, September 11, 2014

September 11th - Never Forget


Lead by 9/11 family members, survivors, first responders, civilian volunteers, residents and recovery workers, the 9/11 Tribute Center is a project which brings together those who experienced the tragedy of 9/11 with those who want to learn about it.

“Our Mission

The 9/11 Tribute Center invites visitors to share personal stories of the 9/11 community — family members who lost loved ones, survivors, first responders and rescue workers, civilian volunteers, and community residents whose healing is a testament to the perseverance of the human spirit.

We provide an understanding of the loss and impact of 9/11 while inspiring the power of resilience and recovery.” – 9/11 Tribute Center

By collecting oral histories and reflections of the effect September 11th has had on our world, the 9/11 Tribute Center has gripping exhibits and learning resources which allow the public to pay tribute to 9/11. Creating a warm community where we remember and heal, the guides of the 9/11 Tribute Center lead tours daily and share personal stories of the events of 9/11. More than 250,000 visitors have come from around the nation to experience the tours.

Located at 120 Liberty Street, New York, NY 10006, the 9/11 Tribute Center can be contacted through their website http://tributewtc.org/

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Why is the Shoreline White?

Have you been wondering what that white stuff is on the lakeshore this time of year? Well, it's Filamentous Algae that has been bleached white by the sun as the water level dropped and the algae died off.


"Filamentous algae (and any plant material growing in the lake for that matter) reproduces and spreads based on the availability of nutrients and the physical characteristics of the water. Things like temperature, precipitation, sunlight, rainfall, and nutrient levels in the water can all impact populations of a particular plant, fish species, or any other organism. Some of our Pennsylvania rivers are seeing increases in populations of filamentous algae. In those cases it has been attributed to abnormal weather years. Like many of you, we've also noticed an increase in the presence of this algae and are keeping an eye on it. We can't provide any definitive answers on why it's increasing in presence, but we can assure you it's on our radar. In many cases, filamentous algae are a natural part of the ecosystem and provide food, habitat, and value to the aquatic community living there. We'll keep you posted in the future if we find out more about the algae in Lake Wallenpaupack." -Lake Wallenpaupack Watershed Management District

Friday, September 5, 2014

Preventing a Boat Fire

boat fire

The number one fear of any boater is a fire onboard. While offshore, you cannot pull over and flee from a burning vehicle. There is no escape route from fire or the toxic fumes fiberglass emits while burning. However, protecting you and your boat from fire is easier than you think.

Outnumbering other boat fire causes two to one, fuel related fires happen most frequently and are usually the most avoidable fires. By following the Coast Guard recommended procedures, you can easily prevent a fuel related boat fire. First, close all openings and hatches before fueling. Make sure to extinguish all smoking materials, turn off engines, stoves, and all electrical equipment, and have all passengers get off the boat. While fueling, keep the nozzle in direct contact with the tank and clean up any spilled fuel. Ventilate the boat when finished and run the blower for at least four minutes. Lastly, check the bilges for fuel vapors before you start the engines. The best way to detect vapors is by smell. Do not start the engines if you smell fuel vapors.

The second leading cause of boat fires is electrical issues. During do-it-yourself installations of equipment and wiring, it is important not to use electrical tape. Use a liquid electrical tape that is carried by marine stores and make sure all connections are made by a single wire of the proper gauge, without splices. Corrosion and signs of worn wiring should be checked for often, along with checking your electrical system. If you find signs of damage or age, new wiring is worth the install.

Proper maintenance of your vessel can prevent fires and save lives. You must always have a Coast Guard required fire extinguisher. Know how to use the fire extinguisher and inspect it once a month. It is also a good idea to have a professional install an extinguishing system in your engine box. Applying fire retardant to all upholstery and storing flammable materials away from the engine compartment and in an area that is well ventilated will buy you some time in the event a fire does occur.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Live Marina Cam - LHMBoats.com


Go to LHMBoats.com to view our Live Marina Cam anytime, day or night! We have a wonderful view of Lake Wallenpaupack from our marina and we love to share it with you!