Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Beautiful Autumn Colors on Lake Wallenpaupack

The beautiful colors of autumn are alive on Lake Wallenpaupack in the Poconos! However, why do the leaves change colors?

The end of summer also brings the end of long days. The closer we get to winter, the shorter the days get, which is how the trees recognize that winter is on its way. In order to prepare for winter, leaves change color and fall off. Here is why:

Trees need light and water for photosynthesis, however, the winter does not provide enough of either so the trees live off the food they have made and stored during the summer months. The yellow and orange colors are already in the leaves but are concealed by green chlorophyll. In autumn, the chlorophyll in the leaves disappears, allowing the beautiful autumn colors to come out. After photosynthesis stops, glucose is within the leaves of some trees (such as maple) and brought out as a red color as the nights of autumn get cooler. Trees like oaks, show brown colors which are wastes that are left in the leaves.

All of the colors mixed makes for a beautiful scene. Get out on the lake and enjoy the autumn scenery before it's gone!


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