Thursday, May 9, 2013

Free Boating Safety Course

Just as a reminder: we are hosting a free boating safety course here at Lighthouse Harbor Marina on Saturday, May 18 from 9-5. A complimentary lunch is included!

Why should you take a boating safety course? Well there are lots of things that these types of courses can teach you to make you a better - and of course safer - boater. Topics often include:
  • boat handling
  • reading the weather
  • right of way on the water
  • state boating laws and regulations
  • how to set an anchor
  • the crucial components of any boat
  • what to do in capsizing, swamping or man overboard situations
  • best docking and casting off practices
  • best practices when overtaking another boat
  • knot tying

All boaters, whether they use sailboats, power boats or PWCs (personal watercraft, like jet skis) can benefit from these courses. They generally cover broad issues that apply to all of us. Nearly every boater we know has felt better prepared and qualified to boat after taking one of these courses. In addition, completing a boating safety course can often get you discounts on your boat insurance (sort of like safe driver auto insurance discounts).

Boating safety classes are great for new boaters, but are also great this time of year for any boater looking to brush up their skills before summer begins. Please make your reservations in advance, as we have limited seating and it will fill up quickly. Call to reserve - 570-857-0220.

We hope to see you there!

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